About Us

Tiga, the wolf cub toy, and his friends Jodie and jason have a secret - he can talk! But only to kids! Jason, Jodie, and their friends have to be careful that their dad or grandmother, Kokum, don't find out.

Tiga, Gertie the gopher, and Gavin the goose get to tag along on random adventures learning about all sorts of new things!  They make new friends wherever they go and get taught how to do neat things like making pemican, building teepees, basket weaving and so much more.

Back at Kokum's house, the puppets and Jodie and Jason have fun together with imaginative play and catchy songs... but they have to stay alert so Kokum or their father don't discover their secret!

Starring Irene Green, Art Napoleon, Gabriel Paul, & Kate-La Faith Hanuse with their puppet friends Tiga, Gertie & Gavin.

Be sure to visit us online at www.tigatalk.com for fun games and bonus videos!